Maintenance Services

We’re proud to provide community members with top-notch service. Our clients love working with us, many of them returning as repeat customers. Get in touch to let us know what we can do for you today.

Concrete services, concrete, decking, landscaping

Lawn Mowing

From weekly to fortnight to once off lawn mowing, our team of fully trained professionals are always ready to assist you. We are fully equipped to get any lawn mowed, we use a range of mowers to assist us in delivering best service to our valued customers from electric to petrol mowers for general small yards to large Ride on mowers for larger lands and acreage.

Whipper Snipper

Our Whipper Snippers are always ready to any thing tidied up. From tiding up the edges to around trees and pathway our team can help you getting it done to perfection. and if your lawn has overgrown and the mower can't cut it leave the job to our powerful whipper snipping team and they will tidy it down.

Concrete services, concrete, decking, landscaping

Lawn Edging

In order to get a perfectly cut and need edge you need our team to do the lawn edging for you. that is to ensure that all excess lawn and well cutback from the pathways and garden edges which gives the whole garden a neat look.

Weeding and Weed Control

Sometimes Weeds can grow massively covering your beautiful lawn, trees, plants and ruin the overall beauty of your Garden. Our team can help you with pulling out, spraying, and eliminating weeds so you can make the most of your garden. ​

Gutter Cleaning

It is really important to keep your gutters cleaned and free from any blockages, as any blockage to the gutters my lead to water overflowing and damaging your roof. Our team have been fully trained to work at heights and it can be risky for individuals to get on ladders and onto the roof to get gutters cleaned. ​

Frequently asked questions

Generally the answer is NO if areas are accessible. Locked will need to be unlocked if no-one is going to be present and pets should be kept away while we work.


YES definitely. Our maintenance team are always equipped with all necessary equipments and machines.

Yes all our quotes are Obligations free / free of charge.

We try to provide our customers with the right price so for that reason we try to visit on site before we quote so we can provide you with the most accurate quote.

In most cases we would not be able to service your property if it is raining as it would effect the quality of our work. Most likely the service will be rescheduled and we will inform you with any updated.

YES you can ask for the same person to come regularly and we will try our best to do that.

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